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an introduction

Since many years livelooping has offered a way to go beyond one of the main limitations of realtime through the use of repetition. The internet media has offered for years a creative set of tools beyond the traditional formalism of electronic publication, beyond the possibilities of print and hard copy, mixing diverse and apparently unrelated creative processes. This is a try at formally creating un unformal set of media related to each other by the randomness due to improvisation and the extreme number of variables of the production process. A mix of sound, pictures, digital and analogic signal treatment, code, logs, banners of advertisement and technical standards.

A unique online live looping experiment in music-multimedia composition featuring a bass (Z), and a guitar (Vinston). More than ten years ago, Z had done the first one groove a day experimental composition podcast, today this goes one step further. At a time where the internet and computers take more and more space in the music making process, in the ways art is created, and with the increasing interaction to web 2.0 concepts, wouldn't it be nice to bring back the real stuff without however completely negating the new paradigm?

The creative use of the internet has been around for years. From the inter-elites (computer or human), the system slid to a more accessible inter-anything paradigm. The differentiating factor between a human and a non-human was thought to be related to its creativity, but from the individualistic web 1.0, to the masses of web 2.0, we are now entering web 3.0, the interweb where complexity transforms the crispness of digital media into a blurry analog world not far off from the one it departed. All the original dimensions of the real world are finding their ways, the bootymachine is an expedition in a world where the numbers lost their marks.

There is no story, there are some vibes, there is a feel, some sort of condensed energy that travels through the nodes, the brain has got no clues but the booty is moving thanks to the bootymachine. It's on the internet, but maybe not.

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