About the Booty Machine v1.0 2007
(aka bootymachine.net v1.0 2007) Tristan 'Z' Zand / Vincent 'Vinston' Thaon

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bootymachine v1.0 2007
musical creativity - multimedia interactivity - remote collaboration - automation and productivity - real world vs online - software robots - towards web 3.0 ?

an introduction

The internet media has offered for years a creative set of tools beyond the traditional formalism of electronic publication, beyond the possibilities of print and hard copy, mixing diverse and apparently unrelated creative processes. This is a try at formally creating un unformal set of media related to each other by the randomness due to improvisation and the extreme number of variables of the production process. A mix of sound, pictures, digital and analogic signal treatment, code, logs, banners of advertisement and technical standards.

A unique online experiment in music-multimedia composition featuring a bass (Z), and a guitar (Vinston). More than ten years ago, Z had done the first one groove a day experimental composition podcast, today this goes one step further. At a time where the internet and computers take more and more space in the music making process, in the ways art is created, and with the increasing interaction to web 2.0 concepts, wouldn't it be nice to bring back the real stuff without however completely negating the new paradigm?

Every day of the year 2007, Z put improvised a groove using realtime effects, composed of three bass lines. The first is the skeleton. The work relied then on a open sound bank to create a generic drumtrack. Pre-mastering was done using specialized software and a first compilation was then produced into a 'bassomatic podcast', accessible on the net through standard RSS feeds and from the main webpage. These four-track are a that was published on the Internet combined to a unique text and picture.

The work was then completed remotely by Vinston that tied his moods to Z's first bass loop. He improvised two corresponding guitar lines, using multi-effects and software. The result was remastered through Z's audio-setup to create a second podcast, the 'bootymachine'.

All the works where provided online through the output of custom-made software to create the RSS feeds and the HTML. The database is file-system related, relying on indexed files to create a coherent dataspace. Every day had an individual webpage providing the audio streams and a virtual low-res overlay of the picture while the page color-coding was automatically rendered from the image analysis. Moreover viewers auto-generated files with that recorder some of their habits related to the grooves. These are the private layers.

As in all web 2.0 work, the contents where offered through other generic and public platforms. These including sites like MySpace.com, Flick.com, ... All of these showed an explicit link to the original project page.

Other external pieces of software where created, two widgets to offer a standalone listening experience for both the bootymachine and bassomatic grooves, as well as an iPhone browser.

The final touch was provided by commercial adspace, with auto-generated banners, created to match the content and the viewer. In that sense, our project is directly linked to all the major variables artistic endeavour can meet when online.

To provide some spontaneous information, a miniblog was linked to the bootymachine page.

There is also a real-world couterpart of bootymachine, we'll post a bit more on this later.

While this BootyMachine ended on the last day of 2007, the versions will continue to evolve, as to provide users with new passive artistic functionalities as well as technical specifications and other details. At the same time, BootyMachine v2.0 is coming out and will do with year 2008's numerous days.

bootymachine [at] bootymachine [dot] net

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