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While there are many definitions of the Web that try to explicit its success and try to define its future trends we might as well try to make things look simple.

Web 0.0 - The world is sensual.
  • The natural analog Web. Information is made of rich fuzzy values.
  • Before the Web there was the Web, the analog real-world socio-technical web made of men and ideas.
  • Robust and fully integrated into our lives.
Web 1.0 - The world is mathematical.
  • The innocent digital web. Information is made of simplistic explicit values.
  • The one-way web content creation, from author to reader. Already collaborative, but as a supplement to real-world schemes.
  • Feeds itself on contents from the real-world towards the creation of an online mirror image.
  • Information banking to increase information usefulness.
  • A simple and not-so-well-build technological approach to online content distribution.
  • Successful because of its integration of humaneness in the used technology, robustness to human imprecision when creating semantic and multimedia, while responding to the crave for data ubiquity.
  • Web sites emane from real-world organisations, businesses, associations, ... and individuals.
  • Simple, unesthetic, not so well thought technological solution, but robust as it had the job done.
  • Owes its viability to being hatched at CERN as many alternatives existed but where less known of, most of them disappeared.

Web 2.0 - The world is intellectual.
  • The parasitic digital web. Information is made of complex and plethorous values.
  • The two-way web content creation, from author to author. There is no passivity anymore for the webnaut. When you're on, the least thing you create is a community (eg social-networking sites, statistics, trends, ...). Collaboration without bounds, pushed to extremes, sometimes not relying on any real-world scheme anymore.
  • Feeds itself on the real-world but increasingly of itself ro grow towards the creation of an autonomous image, often succeeding in excluding the real-world it depends on.
  • Information plethora which drowns overall information usefulness.
  • Greater integration of other more-efficient protocols.
  • Online virtual worlds take over with custom definitions of the notions of geography, urbanity, family, and interest-groups are the founding genes.
  • Web sites emane from large broad-interest portals which by osmosis integrate the Web 1.0 contents, creating the blob.

Web 3.0 - The world is sensual again.
  • The biological, digital analog web. Information is made of a plethora of digital values coalesced for sense and linked to the real-world by analog interfaces.
  • Two-way content creation but with a cybernetic twist.
  • Maturity for content fitness selection by the web itself. It relies again on real-world cravings to grow and live.
  • Online information is explicit again, while it can be abstract.
  • Technology doesn't matter anymore, human entrepreneurship and autonomous processes coexist peacefully.
  • The web loses its boudaries as does its technologies. As older technologies, it is digested, thus integrated into our real-world.
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