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Z's home-made Dashboard Widgets

for Mac OS X 10.4 and over

Bass o Matic

It has been more than ten years since the first zand o matic bass guitar podcast, let's try something again but with a few extra comments! Once again the same crappy sound, the same unfinished and unedited grooves as I recorded them on my looper(s), using my old basses, my plethora of effects, and just use some rythm sections I can find here or there. There may be some surprises regarding this podcast in the near future. Yeehaaa! Just another abstract way to loose some time both for you and me! One more thing, this audio file will present three complementary grooves played alone, then the same ones with a drum track. Just listen or play along using Garage Band!

You just need to reload the widget to get the last compiled song (apple-r keys on Dashboard).

Drilx o Matic

This is based on the once-a-day composition experiment in technoïd grooves. Was shorter than some other Z-o-Matic experiments in experimental groove, but still, many dozens of technoïd songs that will lounge you and your friends around the computer, hopefully with a little twist.

You just need to reload the widget to get a random song (apple-r keys on Dashboard) that will make your booty move.

Chord Reference

You choose the note and the chord, shazam it is, you just need to play the guitar.

About Chord Reference
You choose a note and chord type. This ergonomic widget will display simply how to hold that chord on your guitar. Your ear is the limit. This is a port of the original classic shareware for Mac OS in 1994... It hopefully offers an ergonomic interface for chords, one you'll find useful and easy to use.

ZZZ annoying groove v1.0

Random bass groove from Z’s 1996-7 loops improvisations experiment.

About ZZZ annoying groove
Want to here a random playing bass groove in background? This widget is the solution to get that unimitable rapidly-annoying groove using Mac OS X! ;-)

What’s New in this Version
- Better randomization of sounds.
- New looks.
- Faster download.
- Even more useless as before.

Youpi BMI v1.0
A body mass index calculator to evaluate numerically and graphically view your apparent fitness.

About A Body Mass Index Calculator
This body mass index (BMI) calculator just gives a basic evaluation of your weight-to-height ratio. While you might be in pretty bad shape with a good BMI, and in pretty good shape with a bad BMI, if you’re not in the normal range you might want to get out and go to concerts — as it is good for your mind and body. And, eventually, the Youpi jazz-metal (or metal-jazz) trio will make you vibe and dance which are both good for what you have!

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