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You choose the note and the chord, shazam it is, you just need to play the guitar.
You choose a note and chord type. This ergonomic widget will display simply how to hold that chord on your guitar. Your ear is the limit. This is a port of the original classic shareware for Mac OS in 1994... It hopefully offers an ergonomic interface for chords, one you'll find useful and easy to use. It is free, but postcardware, which mean I'll be really happy to get a postcard from you in order to stimulate my coding-energy. :-)

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Wednesday 02 January 2008
v0.8 Safari 3 compatible  releases
v0.8 resolves display bugs that happened with Safari 3 (many thanks to Jacek)
a few minor display bugs where resolved too (handover mode)
the download link leads to the new version

Thursday 28 July 2005
thanks and a few answers  news
Just a small note to thanks all of you for your nice messages. :-D There have been thousands of downloads, and tens of feedbacks. A few questions came up, and I wanted to answer them here.

1 the original Chord Reference was 11KB, why is it so big today?
The chords where calculated on the fly, and the software in black and white with no images, just polygons drawn, that's why. I could have redone this, but I wanted to try putting some web contents inside (that's what Dashboard is all about no? ;-) ), experiment a bit the looks and make it really colorful. And, I believe even dial-up users can manage that kind of size today.

2 why not all the chords? why not all the hand-positions?
As I mentioned in the previous answer, the chords are not calculated as they used to by the widget itself. They are hard coded. The reason is I didn't feel it was faster to test the routines to draw the notes at the good places, it was faster to do so and easier for me to test my page construction template. I will definitely rewrite the code (if you checked it, it's an awful mess). Also, there are tons of tools to view chords on a guitar neck, many more complete. I just wanted Chord Reference to simply be useful, humble, and a good help to play better, not a substitute for guitarists' memory. For now...

3 why not play the notes?
Because I didn't find the time to complete the option. And as I don't want to rely on a Dashboard plug-in for midi or audio in order to retain web compatibility, it will take a bit of time, which I don't have much. I found a way, but I'm refining it. Probably v0.7, but I am also working on some online options which I find more convincing and fun to play with.

4 could you do a Konfabulator plug-in, I want to use it with Windows.
That's a tough one. Maybe once, I just don't have the time yet. And I really find it fun how Apple has pulled-out the Dashboard thing Microsoft wasn't allowed to do: integrate the web browser into the system. Good job Mister Jobs!

5 you are a bassist, so why guitar?
Because I'm not a guitarist, I need help with chords. But, as you already noted, the icon is with my 6-stringer bass... I let you guess what's coming up. ;-)

And I will try to answer the other questions directly! Thanks again to all for your support (I can't wait for the postcards some of you sent me I didn't yet receive)! :-D

Sunday 24 July 2005
v0.6  releases

Version 0.6 is out. Sus chords are added as well as piano keyboard indication of the notes composing the chord.

A basic "hand view" proposes an example of how to play the chord on the guitar.

v0.5  releases
The first version (0.5) of Chord Reference is out. This is basically a test of the looks and basic functionalities of the widget. It looks similar to the 1994 shareware for Mac OS, except the looks are less minimalist. Hope you like it. I will try to enhance it with new functionalities. Thanks for all your emails! ;-)


Wednesday 02 January 2008
Thursday 28 July 2005
Sunday 24 July 2005

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v0.8 Safari 3 compatible
thanks and a few answers

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