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The Stunted Or what ?

Les Stunted Ou bien ?

The Stunted is in my town.
Haha! Vinston, Z and T in jamrepeat.
Les Stunted sont dans ma ville.
Haha! Vinston, Z et T en jamrepeat.

On the right side the drum and bass. On the left side the guitar, recorder and micamp. The bass amp, the drums and the guitar amp baby!

Vinston loves to make stupid jokes, T is a nice fellow and listens while he thinks about what he's gonna have for dinner. Vinston, after one of his famous jokes, always feels intense satisfaction. T hasn't yet figured out what he's gonna have for dinner. Z is trying to figure out the meaning of the joke, wondering if he has to laugh, or not. Vinston sometimes has a guitar in his hands.

Z plays bass once in a while. T likes to hit the drum. Sometimes Vinston wonder's what he has in his hands, he has bad memory. Z's got the same problem, maybe he should think about it or go see a specialist. Vinston really doesn't know what that black thing he's holding is, stares at it.

At least the only one around playing with the two others is T, now he knows he's gonna eat japanese. And that's Vinston's trying to get hold of it, but the guitar's on the way. Z shouldn't have gone to the indian restaurant for lunch. T knows how to use chopsticks.

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