Christophe Aliaga a.k.a. PapaOurs
guitar, chainsaw

Vincent Thaon a.k.a. Vinston guitar, powertools
Fred Boss
drums, mouth grunts
Tristan Zand a.k.a. Z
bass, vox, meu

...a bootleg version of Free at the r-d-o / un bootleg de Free au r-d-o - photo Jasmin Abarca

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Fred Boss is a crazy musician drummer with heteroclit and musical energy. A legend states it's him who inspired Roland to create its drum machines homonimous subsidiary, ah legends... And even Bruce Springsteen tried with some success to usurp his identity, but Fred stays Fred Boss.

Fred Boss est un musicien batteur fou a l'énergie hétéroclite et musicale. Une légende dit que c'est lui qui a inspiré Roland a créer sa filiale boîte à rythmes homonyme, ah la légende... Et même que Bruce Springsteen a cherché avec un certain succès à usurper son identité, mais Fred reste Fred Boss.

Drum, percussions, objects of various shapes and state, voice and grunts.

Also drummer of "Pamela's Parade" a recycled jazz, things' jazz fantastic orchestra.
Played with Z in the fantastic "Pornic Muzo", an easy going unconceptual group of the beginning of the ninetees that played something in between... , yes in between.
Lended his drums to Uncle Ours, Papa Ours' brother, once in the mid-ninetees.

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