Christophe Aliaga a.k.a. PapaOurs
guitar, chainsaw

Vincent Thaon a.k.a. Vinston guitar, powertools
Fred Boss
drums, mouth grunts
Tristan Zand a.k.a. Z
bass, vox, meu

...a bootleg version of Free at the r-d-o / un bootleg de Free au r-d-o - photo Jasmin Abarca

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Papa Ours

Christophe 'Papa Ours' Aliaga (means Father Bear) is guitar's bear. With his big paws he scorches the most powerful riffs that the wild nature has to offer to guitar. Back off skin hunters, this ferocious animal has no predators. And plays his guitar down tuned to the A down below...

Christophe 'Papa Ours' Aliaga est l'ours de la guitare. Avec ses grosses paluches il arrache les riffs les plus puissants que la nature sauvage peut donner à la guitare. Arrières chasseurs de peaux, cet animal féroce n'a pas de prédateurs. Et joue de sa guitare accordée jusqu'au la en dessous...

Guitars, with six strings (for how long?), distortion, big noise, fat-grunts. Might soon play lower than Z's bass...

Played with the muscular "[Bio]tech" metal group. Mean.
Played with Z in "Hic & Nunk", a metal-funk mid-ninetees group that did what it did.
Started a long time ago with a group named "Cactus", world-renoun for its soft and mellow melodies.

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