Christophe Aliaga a.k.a. PapaOurs
guitar, chainsaw

Vincent Thaon a.k.a. Vinston guitar, powertools
Fred Boss
drums, mouth grunts
Tristan Zand a.k.a. Z
bass, vox, meu

...a bootleg version of Free at the r-d-o / un bootleg de Free au r-d-o - photo Jasmin Abarca

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The shop is where you can buy different things related to Youpi. This is how we, at least we hoped, can have a bit of cash to play in concert, eat, drink, invite fans, ... you're actually sponsoring the group by purchasing these fine objects

CDs - 10€ (about 12$ or 15FrS)
Youpla the high quality demo CD you can receive by email, handcopied, with the musicians awesome handwriting on the back of the cover, and a little personal message to you or the friend you're offering it to / cd-rom part with a few thingies.

T-Shirts - 20€ (about 25$ or 30FrS)
The one and only fly on the road t-shirt.

Mugs - 20€ (about 25$ or 30FrS)
This mug is so hot your tea will always keep warm, or not.

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