Christophe Aliaga a.k.a. PapaOurs
guitar, chainsaw

Vincent Thaon a.k.a. Vinston guitar, powertools
Fred Boss
drums, mouth grunts
Tristan Zand a.k.a. Z
bass, vox, meu

...a bootleg version of Free at the r-d-o / un bootleg de Free au r-d-o - photo Jasmin Abarca

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Tristan 'Z' Zand is named after the last letter of the alphabet. Yes it is true.

Tristan 'Z' Zand est nommé d'après la dernière lettre de l'alphabet. Oui, c'est vrai.

He plays bass, but shouts too. Six strings with chords in order to steel the higher frequencies from Papa Ours. And sings "too too too" too.

Has no other groups for now. Yeah.
Played in "The Stunted" a rock thing with balls and Bob, Jim, and Max at one time.
Played with PapaOurs in the mid-ninetees, a group named "Hic & Nunk" that was where it meant, really.
Played with Fred in the begining of the ninetees in "Pornic Muzo", a group that could have come from a Breton town where fishermen wake up every morning to catch the fish, despite the bad weather, but no, it did not come from there.

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