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Drilx o Matic (2001 experimental groove technoïd daily project)

  'Wish you where home 'fore someone is to bring up the revolution'

This album is a compilation of 17 electro songs, exerpts from a daily experiment resulting in approximatively 90 songs. If you wish to get one copy don't hesitate to contact me. There are also individual albums containing the complete work.

0502 hard up groove
0505 pumpin' the dust
0506 bob the dripper
0601 hell that's loose
0602 bras hell, sunny
0603 gnagnagna

0705 this pachyderma's oh!
0706 merci oui merci
0803 pipeaukinetics
0804 d'en rajouter
0806 mmmmmmmmmmmmh
0902 réaliste

0903 braindead
0906 toastin' über alles
1002 le canard est laqué
1003 son cousin est toqué
1007 le 1 devant